Benefits Of using Natural Stone for your Central Coast Landscape

Natural stone is a great solution for landscaping because simply, natural stone will stand the test of time. Whether you are looking for a paving solution for your pool surround, pathways, driveway or outdoor entertaining space in your garden – it is hard to go past the durability and beauty of a natural stone solution.

Types of natural stones available;

River Stone
Blue Stone
Landscape Boulders
Quarry Stone
Plus many more


How Natural Stone can be used in your landscape

Typically large stone and boulders are utilised to create a natural looking retaining wall, outdoor fireplaces and on occasion walkways. They create a very natural look to a landscape and when formed and structured well can help blend a garden design in to the natural landscape.

For accent areas, pathways, pool surround, patio and entertaining areas a more delicate approach is taken to create impact and function within these spaces.

Here are some of the benefits of using a natural stone material for your garden landscape needs.



Durability of Natural Stone

Stone is found in our everyday environment and bushland. Naturally it would make sense that using these stones would be durable to withstand the harshest conditions. Natural stones are organic and dense in characteristic, forming a stronger product that will stand the test of time.



The Aesthetics of Natural Stone

Natural stone pavers are available in a large range of colours and styles making it perfect for styling a landscaping solution for your home. Being a natural product they also blend in better with the environment and don’t look artificial or out of place. The unique characteristics of natural stones can add warmth and character to an outdoor space and are without a doubt the most beautiful materials for landscaping – something that concrete based materials cannot replicate.

Natural stone is cost effective

If you are looking for a long-term solution for your landscaping you cannot go past natural stones as a long-lasting investment. For starters, stone is less likely to crack compared to man-made options because of its natural density. They are more resistant to heat and moisture too. Though one of the best assets of natural stones are the ease of maintenance. Even under the most toughest conditions a high pressure spray will bring your pavers back to looking near new.

Natural Stone can be a safer option

Of course any stone is a like rock, so if you do happen to fall it will be unforgiving due to its nature. However the natural characteristics of most stone surfaces provide extra grip under foot. They are generally not slippery when wet and due to the natural surface provide some added grip. Also, stones like travertine do not get retain as much heat as other man-made surfaces. Even on some of the hottest days walking on stone in bare feet is, well, bearable and often comfortable, making it perfect for pool areas and other landscaping areas that are not under cover.

TruNorth Landscapes have years of experience working with natural stone in a variety of different landscape applications. Our team have honed their skills and are true craftsmen for natural stone landscape solutions. And, although a natural stone landscape may be slightly more expensive, the lasting nature of natural stone will create a durable and beautiful investment for years to come.

If you wish to discuss a natural stone landscape solution for your home, give our experienced team a call on 0414 630 315 and we can help guide you to create a solution for your landscape you will truly enjoy for years to come.

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